Our Mission

Our mission is to support organizations that have a track record of success in education, rehabilitation or development to help individuals transform their lives and contribute to the larger community and society.


Our Vision

We at The Allen Family Charitable Foundation believe in the unique potential of each individual to make a difference.

That is why we have made it our responsibility to ensure that opportunity is available to anyone who seeks it by investing in organizations that in turn invest in the community.

Whether that is through empowering children with knowledge or giving a second chance through rehabilitation efforts, our goal is to create a better future for all.


Areas of Support

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We believe in the power of community to create a platform that builds character and forms life-lasting bonds through activities such as sports, mentorships, and the development of public facilities. Our mission is to allow people of every background to dream, play and be a part of a community. We support organizations that help individuals build themselves and their communities.

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The minds of today are the creators of tomorrow. We provide support to organizations dedicated to providing a fair chance to every member of society.

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Life is a series of second, third, and fourth chances. We provide support to centers and organizations focused on transforming lives and helping individuals become leaders in order to contribute to a greater society.